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Our Lung Institute team is committed to providing top quality lung care. From asthma to COPD our team will provide exceptional patient care right here in Columbus, Indiana.

We achieve leading-edge results for a wide range of lung issues, including:


Advanced pulmonary function testing equipment helps us diagnose COPD. We can then tailor a plan for you, offering the most current drug therapy and rehabilitation services available. Our team provides 1 on 1 education sessions to patients and their families.


We are one of only five centers in Indiana to use NIOX MINO for exhaled nitric oxide testing. This monitors airway activity and allows us to more effectively test for symptom levels, and incremental response to asthma treatment.


We provide expert management of this type of high blood pressure in lung arteries. We will employ the most current drug therapy possible, to help lessen symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Lung Cancer

We provide our patients access to a full range of lung cancer experts. This team includes pulmonologists, oncologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, and radiologists working together to provide the very best lung cancer care - close to home.

Advances in technology have allowed physicians the ability to detect lung nodules earlier than ever before. The earlier lung nodules are detected, the better cancer survival rates. 

At Columbus Regional Health, we have an assessment group comprised of five different medical specialties collectively known as the Lung Nodule Review Board. 

The Lung Nodule Review Board meets weekly to review patient cases. This gives our patients the advantage of having multiple specialists all working together to provide in-depth knowledge and diagnosis, as well as the best quality care and treatment options available.

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How We Compare

Lung cancer treatment has the best chance for success when it starts as early as possible, so we encourage anyone who feels they may have risk factors to schedule a consultation.

An expert team, with you in mind

The Lung Institute's track record of success and proximity to home makes us the clear choice of where to turn if you are concerned about lung cancer, for any reason, whether it be for you or a loved one.

Our concierge-style model helps us help you

At the Lung Institute, you'll see that a lot of little things add up to well-coordinated care. Diagnosis and treatment both happen within the same facility, allowing for guidance and assistance, each step of the way, on into post-treatment. Trusted relationships are built with our staff and health obstacles are overcome, together. To us, it's just the better way to help you win your battles.

We bring peace of mind and world-class care, close to home

You can rest assured knowing that a top quality lung cancer facility is in your back yard, should you ever need it.

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$25 Lung Screening

Give the gift of health and peace of mind to yourself or a loved one so your family has many more years of special memories.

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Our Providers

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