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Heart & Vascular Center named Top 50

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Patrick Barrett MD speaks with colonoscopy patient Brad Davis.

Brad's Story

Brad Davis never imagined he’d be an advocate for colon cancer screening. Then again, the Columbus resident and father of four never expected to be diagnosed with colon cancer at age 47.

“Ever since this happened, I can name at least a dozen people I inspired, coerced or begged to get a colonoscopy who have,” Brad said.  “If I can help one person avoid having to go through what I did, all this is worth it.” 

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  • Nandu Gourineni, MD
  • Here for You - Nandu Gourineni, MD

    Jun 03, 2020
    Making a difference in a patient’s life by taking care of the person’s health needs is what is most gratifying to Nandu Gourineni, MD, as an interventional cardiologist.
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    Black Beans with Corn and Tomatoes

    by Delilah Newton | Jun 01, 2020
    This recipe is easy to make with ingredients you likely have on hand. It's full of flavor and zest. Plus, black beans are a great source of fiber and are low in cholesterol to support heart health. Try it as a tasty side dish today.
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